This Thanksgiving I am Thankful for My Chamber Connections!

Nov 24, 2015

For those of you who are Members of the Board or the Executive Staff of the Bellevue Chamber, I just wanted to let you know my satisfaction with your scheduled events especially the current Wednesday Morning Breakfast. I know that you have experimented with different formats in the past for this weekly event, but the current small group interactive discussions on pertinent business topics, is by far the best that I have attended. I have been an active networker for years and have belonged to many organizations and chambers but none of them garner the kind of mutual respect and genuine concern for others that Ellen [Asbell] promotes, guides, and attracts. This lends itself to “real” referrals and translates into actual business development and sales. In other words, it is the best value available in a networking venue.

Many chambers host the “speed networking” table-to- table breakfast format, but this does not lend itself to real connections and does not do much for getting your message across either. New sales reps usually get assigned to attend these, and the landscape is constantly changing with new people. However, none of these people stay with the company they represented when they first attended the “round robin.” This is a futile attempt at making you “think” that you are meeting “lots” of quality business professionals. Quantity is not quality.

Paid lead membership organization breakfasts try to force you into doing business only with those inside the group and exclude more than one of each career or represented industry. These are not people that you organically get to know, like and trust. They become members so that you will be forced to do business with them. Attendance is not voluntary but mandatory. They attract those who are not usually in their position long, and ultimately you are forced into situations that jeopardize your integrity and future business growth through association.

So this Thanksgiving, I am grateful to have met most of you, and gotten to know some of you very well. The saying, “You reap what you sow” could not be any more pertinent than it is when referring to the caliber of professionals attracted to the Early Morning Breakfast through Ellen’s, and now Gary [Passavant]’s efforts. Of all of the topics discussed and presented in the mornings…SHOW & TELL is by far the best of all. I have attended dozens of these and have never discussed the same aspect of my business twice. I look forward to seeing familiar faces, and get my “positive motivation” for the day- each and every time. This is where the true value lies. Business people collaborating with other business people… It’s magic! I would not change a thing. Congratulations on your ongoing success with this venue and format.

My sincere appreciation,  

Lori Morefield-Berg, Career & Business Consultant
2015-2016 Bellevue Chamber Ambassador

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