In the first three sessions we explored recognizing your value, navigating times of change, and the impact of unpaid work. The final session of “Unapologetically Me” will pair these lessons with real life experience from Linh Peters, Global Chief Marketing Officer of Calvin Klein.

Join us for a discussion on goal setting as Linh sheds light on her success, career path, and advice for women in the workforce.

For generations, women have shouldered the burden of domestic duties like childcare, household chores, and home management. The pandemic and work from home have exposed this even further. As children stay home from school and day cares closed, mothers reduced their work hours four to five times more often than their male counterparts, bringing female unemployment to its highest point in decades. 

This last year has necessitated change across nearly every aspect of life. From finding a work life balance to prioritizing childcare and a full-time career, women in the workforce are no strangers to life’s balancing act.

Explore times of change as local women leaders share their personal and professional decision-making experience and how to stay true to yourself through times of trial.

Articles and studies today are filled with “self-” words: self-esteem, self-care, self-love, and many more. However, at the core of all of these is self-worth; our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are closely tied to how we view our worthiness and value as human beings.

Dr. Catherine Cushinberry, CEO of Hopelink, and Bookda Gheisar, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Senior Director at Port of Seattle, will discuss how to understand your self-worth, embrace your unique abilities, and have confidence in what makes you you.

Women leaders bring valuable and unique perspectives to businesses in all industries. Join the Women’s Leadership Conference to learn from a diverse slate of successful business leaders as they discuss topics relevant to today’s female workforce and how to prepare for future success.

Our interactive four-part virtual conference, presented by Symetra, brings local and internationally recognized women leaders together to share their insights on some of the most important subjects facing women in the workforce today. The conference format will feature moderated discussions in which panelists share insight and knowledge gained from their personal and professional experiences.

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