With COVID-19 hitting businesses hard, what can state and local governments do to help them recover? Join John Wilson, King County Assessor, as he discusses the economic impacts of the pandemic and what can be done to repair the damage.

Guest Speaker

John Wilson

John Wilson

King County Assessor

King County Assessor John Wilson was reelected in 2019 to his second term. He has earned the praise of people both inside and outside King County as one of the most innovative, forward-thinking leaders in local government.

Working with community organizations, Wilson urged Olympia to pass the most significant senior property tax relief in decades. As a result, thousands of new applicants will be able to stay in their homes.

Housing and homelessness are crucial issues, and Wilson has become a regional leader in identifying surplus public property and vacant private property that can be used for innovative short and long-term housing solutions.

Classrooms have been closed for two months and the plan for fall is still unclear.

Join veteran Eastside lawmakers Sen. Lisa Wellman and Rep. Tana Senn and newcomer Rep. Carolyn Eslick of Snohomish County as they discuss what comes next for childcare, schools, and programs supporting some of our neediest families.

Moderated by


Beth Sigall
Eastside Education Network

Featured Panelists


Sen. Lisa Wellman
41st District


Rep. Tana Senn
41st District


Rep. Carolyn Eslick
39th District

People, policies and protocols should be top of mind when reopening your office space to employees, guests and clients. Be prepared to walk through the key components of the best practices to consider when reopening an office.

Kristin Reed, Work Place Strategist with HermanMiller will provide important considerations for social distancing in the office environment. Gary Guenther, SVP & Partner with Kidder Mathews will review of how the commercial real estate industry is advising their clients on how to return to their space.

Featured Panelists

Reed, Kristin

Kristin Reed

Gary Guenther

Gary Guenther
Kidder Mathews

On the last day of Session, legislators approved $200 million to fight the effects of Covid-19 in Washington. Will that be enough to fight the virus in all 39 counties, pay unemployment insurance benefits to all who need them and help businesses keep their doors open?

Join Senator Christine Rolfes, Senator Mark Mullet, and Representative Amy Walen, as we find out just how much we’ll have to spend on emergency response and the basics of government.

Featured Panelists

Rolfes, Christine

Sen. Christine Rolfes
23rd District

Mullet, Mark

Sen. Mark Mullet
5th District

Walen, Amy

Rep. Amy Walen
48th District

As schools move to accommodate home-based learning many working parents face a tough balancing act. Hear from Dr. Ivan Duran, Superintendent for the Bellevue School District, Ross Hunter, Secretary of the Department of Children, Youth, and Families, and Lindsay Hunsicker, Senior Program Officer with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as they explore the new normal in education.

Featured Panelists

Duran, Ivan

Dr. Ivan Duran

Bellevue School District

Hunter, Ross

Ross Hunter

Department of Children, Youth, and Families Secretary


Lindsay Hunsicker

Senior Program Officer with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Our streets and highways are empty right now but congestion will soon return. Join House Transportation Committee Chair Jake Fey, Vice-Chair Vandana Slatter, and Ranking Member Andrew Barkis as we explore the state's strategy future of transportation investments.

Moderated by infrastructure expert and former Washington State Department of Transportation Secretary, Paula Hammond.



Paula Hammond
Former Washington State
Department of Transportation Secretary

Featured Panelists


Rep. Jake Fey
27th District


Rep. Andrew Barkis
2nd District


Sen. Curtis King
14th District


Rep. Vandana Slatter
48th District

Every business in the state is trying to plan for a safe return to work for their team and customers. Fortunately, a lot of that work has been done and is ready to share.

Join Boston Consulting Group Seattle Managing partner, Steve Mitchelmore, as he walks us through the details of BSG's back to work recommendations.

Then hear from Washington Secretary of Commerce, Lisa Brown, on the key steps state government is taking to ease restrictions while preserving public safety in the workplace and beyond.

Featured Panelists

Lisa Brown

Lisa Brown

Washington State
Secretary of Commerce


Steve Mitchelmore

Boston Consulting Group
Managing Director & Partner

The Eastside of Lake Washington was the first place in the country to experience the Coronavirus pandemic. Hear stories from the front lines of this battle, what healthcare experts have learned, and what's next as we prepare our communities for life after lockdown.

Join Vice Admiral Raquel Bono, Washington state director for COVID-19 Health System Response Management; Dr. Ed Leonard, lead infectious disease specialist for Overlake Medical Center; and Dr. Thomas Miller, Medical Director for Quality and Safety at Overlake Medical Center for powerful look at the healthcare response to the Covid crisis.

Featured Panelists

VAdm Bono 2

Vice Admiral Raquel Bono

Washington State Director for COVID-19 Health System Response Management

Leonard, Edward

Dr. Edward Leonard

Overlake Medical Center
Infectious Diseases Specialist

Miller, Tom

Dr. Thomas Miller

Overlake Medical Center
Medical Director of Quality and Safety

Furloughs, layoffs, COBRA, benefits, workers' comp, insurance, employment law; businesses of all sizes are facing the tsunami of helping their employees face these issues en mass and simultaneously.

Join experts in law, human resource management, and benefits for an important Webcast where you'll learn what questions to ask, what resources are out there to help, and how you can manage the people side of your business through the COVID storm.

Featured Panelists

Matz, Morgan

Morgan Matz

Parker, Smith & Feek
Account Executive, Employee Benefits Department

Gallanar, Marie

Marie Gallanar

Parker, Smith & Feek
Vice President and Account Executive, Commercial Department & Manufacturing Practice Group Leader

Bomberger, Michelle

Michelle Bomberger

Equinox Business Law Group
CEO and Managing Attorney

Living viruses aren’t the only threat to our wellbeing. With the global workforce moving from the relative safety of corporate firewalls and business-grade protection to residential broadband and consumer devices – scammers, viruses, and hackers and preparing to strike.

Learn from industry experts about how you can keep yourself, your family, your employees, and your company safe in these unprecedented times.

Featured Panelists

Jarvis, Pete

Pete Jarvis

Vice President Business


Pete Jarvis is the Vice President Business at Polyverse, a Bellevue startup, developing leading-edge cybertechnology stopping attacks before they start. Corporation has has a track record of creating innovative solutions and platforms that address the needs of the emerging knowledge, intellectual property, and innovation markets globally.  Pete has an innovation and management background in technology, with a career spanning Intellectual Ventures, Microsoft, Bell Northern Research and 3Com.

Vergeront, Jerry

Jerry Vergeront

Seattle University
Director, Cybersecurity & Risk


Jerry comes to Seattle University from his own private law practice, after a cybersecurity career trajectory that has included both hands-on technical work as well as IT audit responsibilities. Jerry has held significant IT Security roles at Starbucks, Anitian Enterprise Security, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Premera Blue Cross. Jerry is a veteran, having served in the Air Force for five years, including a role as a Cryptologic Linguist.

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