Something Magical Around Every Corner

Apr 17, 2017

I recently returned from a trip to Paris to run the marathon. During our stay a comment my husband made has resonated in my mind – “There is something magical around every corner!” Which is so true, with centuries of history wrapped by residential and commerce, it was breathtaking.

Then I reflected on Bellevue. While we are a much newer City and do not have centuries of history as of yet, we do have magical things happening around every corner. In our world some of the corners are the new buildings that are emerging that are changing the cityscape. In corners across all of our business districts are cool and interesting companies that have grown and prospered in our community and others that are new. Walk off the elevator in the 15 million sq./ft. of class A office in Bellevue (of which 3 million sq./ft. has been newly delivered to our community in the last 16 years) and you’ll meet companies that are changing the world in their lines of work.

Sometimes in the busyness of everyday life we forget to look around the corners in our community and see the new additions, experience our many acres of parks and trails, or meet new people that are coming from all over the world to be part of our new future. Many of these companies and their teams were featured at the Eastside Business Awards and the 2017 Eastside Entrepreneur Magazine highlights them all.

Visitors always mention to me that they are amazed at the infrastructure and the business vibrancy Bellevue has compared to the number of its residents. The advantage of being a newer City – Bellevue has had the opportunity to learn from communities much older than ours how to plan for density in the core area of the City and to use the revenues this growth brings to provide for amenities for residents and employees throughout the Eastside.

Other advantages will be highlighted at the upcoming Eastside Leadership Conference June 2.The focus of the Eastside Leadership Conference is to highlight cutting edge ideas, trends, opportunities and industries of the future. Many of these areas that are emerging are forecasted to be multi-billion dollar industries in the next few years. As a business leader in any sector this is a great way for you to peek around the corner to the future. The information you glean can help you figure out how to provide products or services to these sectors or to use their new technologies to take your company to the next level.

I challenge you to seize the moment, and turn the corner to discover the next opportunity. You will be glad you did!

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