Social Media for Business – A Different World

Aug 5, 2016

By Valerie Thomas, Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Intern 

Social media to me sometimes feels like a whole other world. The beauty of it is that it can be used for many different purposes. As a teenager, my time on social media is spent watching 30 second recipe videos on Facebook, posting Instagram pictures of my latest adventure, or re-tweeting my favorite brands to win a giveaway.

In contrast, as an intern at the Bellevue Chamber this summer, I’ve learned that posting for a business is totally different than posting for my personal account. I’ve noticed that when you’re posting for a business, there’s usually a marketing strategy behind every post. Whether it be attracting more customers to your page, highlighting your customers, or promoting your business/event. I didn’t realize how much thought goes into a business’ posts in comparison to a personal post.

When people post from their personal account, they usually don’t check for grammar mistakes, and don’t always have a motive when they post something. When posting for a business page, the way you type and the things you say can really have an impact on your brand. There’s a motive behind every hashtag and every tag. Companies want their posts to be relevant and they want to be able to engage with their followers. Judging from what I’ve done, and what I see my friends do, hashtags and tags on a personal account are used for comedic purposes or to chime in on a trending topic.

In order to be able to profit from your social media channels, here are a few things I’ve learned:

  • Use a Visual: if you attach a picture to any post, your post will receive more engagement.
  • Use tags and hashtags: using tags are great, your post will be viewed more and you are interacting with the community. Don’t overdo it though, and hashtag your entire post.
  • Change up words: posting the same thing on multiple channels can be tricky; you want to make sure you’re switching up the words.
  • Know your audience: when switching up the words between channels; tailor each post for the specific channel you are using. For example: don’t put hashtags on Facebook.

After learning a bit about social media, I’ve noticed a lot of those marketing strategies when I’m scrolling through some of my favorite brands. When reading an article on Forbes, by Sujan Patel, his focus on humanizing social media really stood out to me. When you’re posting for your business, it is really important that you take into account who will be viewing your posts. Patel mentioned “You have to show your followers that you actually care about them and their problems.” If you want more tips on how to use social media for your business, click here


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