Peter Steinbrueck

Peter Steinbrueck, Port of Seattle Commissioner, 11 December 2017.

Peter Steinbrueck

Port of Seattle Commission Position 4

The Eastside Business Alliance strongly endorses Peter Steinbrueck for reelection to Port of Seattle Commission Position Four.

Few candidates are more aptly prepared to provide industry-specific knowledge than Commissioner Steinbrueck. Through his training as an architect, community planner and urban strategist, Steinbrueck is uniquely qualified to lead the Port of Seattle as our region faces unprecedented growth.

As a former Seattle city council member, Steinbrueck has the tested leadership to get legislative wins across the finish line. These include the passage of innovative policies for comprehensive planning, land use and development, parks and open space, affordable housing, climate protection and renewable energies, water conservation, municipal waste reduction, and urban mobility. Among these accomplishments, Steinbrueck passed legislation to create a climate protection checklist and carbon analysis for large development projects undergoing environmental review. Additionally, he established the Seattle Green Factor, an innovative building code requirement using scoring system to increase landscaping and reduce impervious surface in new mixed-use development.

King County voters should reward Steinbrueck for his ability to merge his progressive agenda with common sense policies that make a difference instead of a headline.

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