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Eastside Community Resources

In need of funds for food and rent assistance as well as donation of snacks

Snacks for children such as string cheese, fresh fruit, chips, and yogurt

Primary need is food for the campers kept in quarantine

They are in need of food and supplies to provide to who are in need

They are in need of cash-grants/gift cards so residents in their affordable community can get through this

Financial support is needed to fund critical services for youths who are experiencing homelessness

With their food banks closed, they need funds to provide pre-packaged food that contains 21 meals so they can distribute, and they are in need of essential items

They need financial support and goods to provide to the families that are residing there and have now lost their jobs and are unable to provide

With no longer being able to put public concerts, they are lacking the ability to raise awareness and funding for immunotherapy cancer treatment, research and patient programs

Working with local businesses to help them get through tough times

Kenyan Women's Association

In need of financial support to conduct outreach to African immigrants in our community

They are looking for funds to provide shelter as well as meals to women who are experiencing homelessness. They are also in need of supplies.

They are in need of funds to provide temporary housing as well as supplies to families experiencing homelessness. Additionally, they are in need of sundry and food items

They are in need of funds to support young clients to access quality mental health and substance use services

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