Mentorship is for Anyone and Anyone Can be a Mentor

Aug 20, 2015

By Michaela Rutschow, Membership & Marketing Intern

What does mentorship mean to you? Is it in a group setting? Is it with someone you meet and have coffee with? Is it a mixture of both of those things? These questions made for interesting conversation at the Chamber’s weekly Morning Business Builder. Members spoke of different aspects of mentorship, varying from personal experiences of giving/receiving mentorship.

During the session many people gave tips on finding a mentor including:

  • Anyone can be a mentor – and you can learn from anyone.
  • Don’t limit yourself to just one professional mentor. There are so many great people just waiting to share their knowledge, even if they don’t know it yet.
  • Group mentorship is just as beneficial as one-on-one mentorship. Find a group for some great input (hint, hint – come to the next Morning Business Builder)!

These tips serve as a great stepping stone in finding a productive and professional mentoring relationship. If you would like to be mentored, just remember to be open and accepting of anything to help you progress in whatever you desire.

While talking about mentors, the value of coaching and consulting was brought up during the meeting. Coaches make sure you adapt the proper behavior to achieve your goals. They give you lifelong skills and habits to use in the future. Consultants on the other hand give you the specific steps to achieve your goals. The difference between the two is that one prepares you with the skills to use in the future, while the other gives you a simple shortcut to achieve specifically what you want. If you mentor someone, remember that you are giving out advice to someone to help them grow professionally and in return you will learn new things ass well. Also remember that you too have once been mentored so you should be patient and be willing to share your knowledge.

Finding a great mentor or a group of people you can meet with is very beneficial to have. Mentorship will allow you to grow whether it is you giving the advice or being on the receiving end. You can learn just as much if you mentor someone than they can learn from you. Never turn down an opportunity to learn and share that knowledge you may harbor.

If you would like to be a part of similar discussions, visit bellevuechamber.org to reserve your spot at the next Morning Business Builder!

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