Lynne Robinson


Lynne Robinson

Bellevue City Council Position 6

The Eastside Business Alliance is proud to endorse Mayor Lynne Robinson’s re-election to the Bellevue City Council..

In her first decision as mayor, Lynne Robinson demonstrated her balanced and inclusive approach to leadership by supporting Jared Nieuwenhuis as her deputy mayor.

Since then, Lynne has successfully guided Bellevue through an unprecedented year of challenges. From the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mayor Robinson met public safety and economic concerns head on. After the property destruction and looting in May 2020, Mayor Robinson led the Council in launching a transparent use of force review with the support and cooperation of Bellevue’s celebrated police chief, Steve Mylett. During subsequent threats to public safety, Mayor Robinson has supported the Chief’s strategy of preserving first amendment rights while deescalating dangerous situations.

As other cities in our region have sought dramatic cuts to public safety while simultaneously levying massive new taxes on businesses, the City of Bellevue has continued its practice of pragmatic budgeting that promotes public safety without raising taxes.

Outside her elected service to the city, Lynne has continued her collaborative approach to problem solving. During the 2020 election she helped launch the Washington League of Minority Voters, a nonprofit aimed at promoting voting rights and participation among our state’s underrepresented communities. Staying true to form, Robinson brought together prominent voices from both parties to lead the nonprofit. While the Eastside Business Alliance may not agree with every policy backed by Mayor Robinson, her open-mindedness, accessibility, and stellar performance as Mayor during an unprecedented period of civil unrest and economic challenges has earned her our strong support.

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