HERO House

HERO House

HERO House is an ICCD Clubhouse that offers people who have mental illness hope and opportunities to achieve their full potential.

One main component of HERO House is Career Development and we are dedicated to networking with local businesses. Our Supported Employment Program has a selection of applicants who are ready for work and who represent a wide variety of background and abilities. Supported Employment is a program that can assist local businesses by saving them time on searching for the ideal employee. HERO House does this by matching the employer’s needs to the right candidate. The Supported Employment Program can also lower hiring costs by creating lower turn-over and increasing the bottom line.

Partnering with HERO House and the Supported Employment Program there are many benefits such as:

No-cost Job Solution
Pre-screening of Applicants
Job Retention Services
Post-Hire Follow Up
Financial Incentives

Employment is a vital part for those who are in recovery with mental illness and by partnering with HERO House and the Supported Employment Program local businesses can create an even stronger community.

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