Gamechanger Productions

Gamechanger Productions

the second thing i purchased after high school was a 35mm slr camera. the first thing i purchased after high school was a ticket to seattle. every time i toured europe i had at least three cameras with me. i have shot from capitol hill to dc, ny to boston to maine. film, processing, editing, cropping, balancing. exciting.

digital offers an increased level of post production as well as speed to market. i can shoot during the day and have the images to my client that evening. there is always more software. i shoot in RAW for every pixel of info i can get. you will hear multiple exposures clicking away. you may receive a black and white image, or one that’s romantically soft focus. i can add a bright sunny day. fire in the fireplace. divots in the carpet from moving furniture are gone with a click.

i level the window blinds and tidy the cords. i move things on the counter. i like to run the faucets. i play with the lighting. i have a lot of fun while i work hard. i love to converse…but not during the shoot. working with my clients on-camera is always an adventure as we collaborate for your best performance.

i love making your vision come true.

206 267-8779

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