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As companies strive for a more equitable workplace, the Chamber is committed to assisting businesses with the resources and programs they need.

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"We believe a great way to foster equity and belonging in the workplace is to listen, share, collaborate, and commit. We are determined to help all workplaces progress toward greatness, one partnership at a time."

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  • Diversity: Describes the presence of differences within a given setting, collective, or group. An individual is not
    diverse – a person is unique. Diversity is about a collective or a group and exists in relationship to others.
    A team, an organization, a family, a neighborhood, and a community can be diverse. A person can bring
    diversity of thought, experience, and trait, (seen and unseen) to a team — and the person is still an
  • Equity: The act of developing, strengthening, and supporting procedural and outcome fairness in systems,
    procedures, and resource distribution mechanisms to create equitable (not equal) opportunity for all
    people. Equity is distinct from equality which refers to everyone having the same treatment without
    accounting for differing needs or circumstances. Equity has a focus on eliminating barriers that have
    prevented the full participation of historically and currently oppressed groups.
  • Inclusion: Intentionally designed, active, and ongoing engagement with people that ensures opportunities and
    pathways for participation in all aspects of group, organization, or community, including decisionmaking processes. Inclusion is not a natural consequence of diversity. There must be intentional and
    consistent efforts to create and sustain a participative environment. Inclusion refers to how groups
    show that people are valued as respected members of the group, team, organization, or community.
    Inclusion is often created through progressive, consistent, actions to expand, include, and share. 
  • Washington State DE&I Related Glossary

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