Clean Crawls & Cascade Pest Control Working Together for You

Sep 25, 2019

Clean Crawls & Cascade Pest Control Working Together for You!

By Kurt Treftz on July 24, 2019

Severely compromised insulation and filthy contamination in attics and crawlspaces is most often caused by rodents—rats, mice, and occasionally squirrels. The contamination is detrimental to household health and the damaged insulation significantly affects the heating and cooling of a home or business.

Advancing Rodent Infestations
The problem is that rodents—rat populations in particular—used to be confined to the seaports of western Washington. They later became successful in each city center of the region. But as suburban development spread throughout most of our counties, human population density supported the spread of rats. Our garbage cans, pet food, barbecues, and other “people habits” create a perfect environment for these rats. And the voids within our homes are perfectly safe ‘hollows’ for them to nest and breed, complete with nesting materials—insulation.

Rats In Your Seattle House?
Over time our suburban neighborhoods have expanded until they touch each other, resulting in a continuous “reservoir” of rat population in and around most counties of the Northwest. Seattle was listed as one of the most rat-infested cities of the country! It’s no longer enough to trap a rat or two when they are so established throughout neighborhoods. It takes a continued effort to protect a home from infestation or re-infestation.

Rodent Infestation Damage Remedy
Thankfully, Clean Crawls is here to address the damage and filth left behind from rodent infestations. Clean Crawls has an outstanding record for innovation to remedy problems in these hard to reach places.

Rodent Control
And to combat the steady rodent pest issues, Cascade Pest Control works hand-in-hand with Clean Crawls to care for customer’s homes and businesses to protect their structure from further infestation, damage, and contamination. Without continued pest protection, rats and other rodents will eventually gnaw their way back in through wood, most roofing, and even aluminum siding. They can also burrow beneath foundations to make their way into substructure crawlspaces. This is why having Cascade set up perimeter defenses against rodents and other pests is so critical.

About Cascade Pest Control
Cascade Pest Control was founded in 1979 and continues to be owned by one of the original cofounders, Kurt Treftz. With over forty years of experience in rodents and insects of the northwest, Cascade is well equipped and experienced with innovative methods and programs to both eliminate pest and rodent problems and guard against them. Cascade was the first pest control company in the US to earn multiple environmental awards and recognition—an important indication of safe pest control methods. To learn more, visit Cascade Pest Control.

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