Coalition Policy

July 18 2019

Transportation 2019 Session Paper

Effective transportation of employees, customers and goods is essential to sustain continued health of our state’s growing economy. The complete and timely implementation of the $16 billion Connecting Washington transportation funding package will help improve our transportation network.

July 18 2019

Liability Reform 2019 Session Paper

The cost of liability insurance is an increasing burden on the business community. The overall economy suffers when productivity and growth are slowed by excessive litigation, which discourages risk-taking and slows the introduction of new products and technologies.

July 18 2019

Health Care 2019 Session Paper

Ensure that the private health insurance market is allowed the freedom and flexibility provided in The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) to offer products that meet the needs of businesses and employees.

July 18 2019

Growth Management 2019 Session Paper

As a state, we must be prepared for anticipated growth by ensuring that there is an adequate supply of economically feasible buildable land with the infrastructure to support it.

July 18 2019

Environment 2019 Session Paper

We must reassess our environmental priorities to ensure that we are receiving the most environmental benefit in a way that truly promotes long-term job creation and prosperity. Mandates drive costs up and a blanket approach on environmental policy often creates undue or extreme hardships in local jurisdictions.

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