Bellevue Blitz Roundup: Proposed Metro parking permit program; Bellevue Utilities Projects; and Sound Transit Construction Update

Mar 19, 2018

Proposed Metro parking permit program

Would you be willing to pay for a guaranteed space at your local park and ride lot? Metro already allows for permitted parking for carpools at certain facilities. Now that program could be expanded to include single occupant vehicles and additional locations. Drivers without permits could still access park and ride lots on a first come, first serve basis.

Learn more about this proposal at a drop-in session and provide direct feedback to Metro here.

Bellevue Utilities Projects

Did you know that Bellevue Utilities is a self-supporting enterprise agency, with a 75-year long-range capitol Renewal and Replacement Program? In addition to ensuring the delivery of safe drinking water, the Utilities Department also is responsible for storm water management and sewer services.

Bellevue Utilities customers can learn about projects proposed for inclusion in the 2019-25 Utilities CIP and provide feedback at the Utilities Capital Investment Program webpage. Public input will be considered by the  Environmental Services Commission at its April 5th meeting and ultimately, adopted by Council in November.

Sound Transit Construction Update

Night closures on I-405 between NE 8th and Main in Bellevue, will continue March 26th – 30th. While tunneling under 110th NE in downtown continues, Sound Transit is already preparing to build an aerial crossing over I-405, to connect Link Light Rail from the Bellevue Transit Center to the proposed Wilburton Station. Motorists should be prepared for the following closures:

  • One HOV lane southbound from 8 PM – 5 AM;
  • Three lanes northbound from Midnight to 4:30 AM
  • Northbound offramp and southbound onramps at NE 6th, 9PM – 5 AM.


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