A*Mazing Adventures in Bellevue!

Jan 23, 2018

Remember back to the days of getting lost in a corn maze? You would take unexpected twists and turns to try and figure your way out. Now, fast forward to today. At every corner in Bellevue you will see construction and detour signs directing you to try a different route. I enjoy walking our City and at first was frustrated by my sudden change of course – but after taking a few new turns, I uncovered some amazing businesses offering an array of services. The other thing I discovered was a lot of others walking along the paths and discovering new things about Bellevue.

Daily I chance upon the opportunity to help direct walkers to their destinations. I must have “Chamber of Commerce Wayfinder” written on my forehead. While helping them track down what they are looking for, I have also taken the opportunity to engage in conversations to find out where they are from and how they found Bellevue. Just last week, there was a young couple from Chicago looking for the 550 bus route and they fell in love with Bellevue thinking it was a “mini-Chicago” with interesting design and open spaces. I also met a spouse traveling with her partner from Portland to shop. She had been to REI and HomeGoods and then was looking for Bellevue Square and an Uber since she had purchased more than she had planned. Another gentleman was looking for a bank at a particular address, not realizing he had the right address, he just had to go up 22 floors. All of them were very impressed with our City.

So, my challenge to you, is to encourage your customers, suppliers and employees to look at the positives of a great economic cycle. Have them look for amazing opportunities and connections that may be just around a corner – unexpected detours that lead to new encounters. Let’s embrace our inner child and find a sense of wonderment. Bellevue is a beautiful, well-planned, and clean city that attracts home grown and global companies and their teams.

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