1. Moving into the Neighborhood

Amazon announced last Friday that it has purchased an additional 2 million square feet of office space in downtown Bellevue. The company plans to add an additional 10,000 jobs on top of the previously planned 15,000 for the next few years. The space is also expected to include public parks and retail space.

Along with the office space purchase, Amazon has given the City of Bellevue a $1 million grant for its Human Services Fund. The funds will help families in need across the Eastside.

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2. Celebrate! In Place

Join the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation's virtual dinner and auction fundraiser on Friday, October 2 featuring Bellevue Chamber Vice President Kim Fredericks. Kim is a mother, wife, a person with Parkinson’s and she is committed to the Foundation's mission to support over 100,000 people impacted by Parkinson's in the Northwest.

Due to Covid-19, the Foundation is reimagining their future fundraising efforts to sustain their region-wide operations and to continue supporting those living with Parkinson's. Has growth in government spending on the West side of the lake outpaced population growth? How do Seattle's fortunes impact the region? What efforts are underway to help diversify the workforce and buoy our regional economy?

Find out in this week's article from Lens reporter, TJ Martinell.

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3. Adjusting to the New Normal

Parents and teachers stepped up in the spring to help students finish out the school year after COVID-19 shut schools down. With schools back for the fall and students adjusting to continued distance learning, there are high expectations of teachers and school districts.

According to studies done by Learning Heroes, parents are primarily concerned with their student's safety and social and emotional well-being, with academic concerns coming in third. Additionally, parents are open to being "allies" when it comes to their student's learning, but expect teachers to maintain responsibility for academics.

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4. Ready or Not

The global race to produce a Covid-19 vaccine is well under way, but experts have warned against the dangers of releasing a weak or partially effective vaccine. The primary concern is over the potential that people would believe they are immune and cease taking precautions, resulting in higher rates of infection.

However, even if the vaccine were available, not everyone is onboard with taking it. According to Ipsos MORI 97% of the people in China, 88% in Brazil, and 87% in India would take the vaccine. Only 67% of the population in the US would be willing to take it.

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Summer Music

5. Summer Music Series

The Bellevue Downtown Association has reimagined their Live at Lunch summer concerts to bring live music to you, streaming right from the Heart of Bellevue. Tune in every Wednesday and Thursday from 12:00 to 1:00 pm through September 24.

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