20 Tips for Creating, Growing and Profiting from Your Social Media Channels

Feb 10, 2016












  “Consumers have never been more connected – but it’s never been harder
to connect with them.” – Tom Daly, Coca-Cola

Social Media as a way to connect with your customers can offer your business greater returns and more insights into their needs and interests than any other method.  Jared Nieuwenhuis, Marketing Director at Her Interactive, recently spoke to Chamber members about the pervasiveness of social media (3 out of 4 people use social media at least once a month and 73% of the US population has at least one social network profile)

First, a few trends to get you thinking about the where and how – video is taking over the social landscape and is a powerful way to tell your story, mobile is king, and there is a lot of shared content that goes into a void or what is called dark social (SnapChat grew by almost 57% in 2014). Jared advised each business to first decide their overall goals to achieve through social media, second, decide which channels to use for the greatest return. This doesn’t mean your business has to be everywhere – understand where your audience wants to interact with you. Wherever you are be sure to make the most what the social channel is designed to do, which leads back to connecting with your customers.

Jared has these 20 tips on your way to creating a social media strategy to ultimately grow your reach and add more value to the bottom line (see more details in Jared’s presentation):

#1 Your #1 goal is engagement

#2 It’s not about your spam

#3 Think of people as part of your brand and not as consumers

#4 Think strategic first

#5 Align strategy with your goals and metric – i.e. do you want to achieve more site visitors? Subscribers? Get more engagement? Drive revenue?

#6 Create a social media calendar – a roadmap is essential for success

#7 Quality post and daily updates – be sure you are using your channel(s) with enough frequency they do not get stale

#8 Engage in real interactions and respond to everything in 24 hours – show that yours is a brand that cares

#9 Be authentic and human – have a personality

#10 Zero in on customer interests, needs and suggestions

#11 Help users find you content with hashtags (they are not just for Twitter)

#12 Use consistent branding for all channels

#13 Always be growing your advocates

#14 Always be rewarding your advocates

#15 Empower video influencers

#16 Know your data

#17 Know your influencers

#18 Measure ROI – Social Annex will help you measure ROI whether that’s $$, calls generated, web visits, or inquiries generated

#19 Learn from your competitors

#29 Don’t be afraid to take risks


Credits: Jared Nieuwenhuis, @JNinsight;;
Competition and playing games run deep in Jared Nieuwenhuis’ veins. As a child he was a dedicated soccer player, ultimately playing in college and professionally in Europe. He now embraces that love of gaming as marketing director of Her Interactive, where he sets the global marketing and communications strategy for the company’s mystery adventures games aimed at females, and executes new product launches of the company’s popular Nancy Drew titles.


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